I had spent the evening on my tummy,  re-arranging cylindrical wooden people with great deliberation, making them play on their tiny swing-set and merry-go-round.  I placed them in their molded plastic desks and pored over the designs on the walls inside their schoolhouse, memorizing shapes, seeking comprehension.  Then I was scooped up into the bathtub, where I resumed my search for markings and meanings. Aha! There, on the round silver thing behind the stick that makes the water go away, one of the same shape-sets I saw on the school house: P R I C E. Yes! I know that one --- It is always right next to F I S H E R.  But here it is on the wrong side of...P F I S T E R. Almost alike. Surely, the bathtub fixtures and my favorite toys must be related somehow. I must figure out how!

My mind constantly gathers observations, perceiving patterns and associations, relevant or not, or maybe so after all.  My mixed media art explorations echo this characteristic.